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Almost one in three unemployed Americans has been out of work for over a year, according to a new analysis that underlines how the jobs crisis is in many ways a crisis of long-term unemployment.


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Pew's Fiscal Analysis Initiative, which uses government data, found that 31.8 percent of the roughly 14 million people officially counted as unemployed have been jobless for more than twelve months. That's around 4.4 million -- nearly the population of Louisiana.


Since the Great Recession officially ended in June 2009, the problem has gotten worse. In the third quarter of that year, just 16 percent of the unemployed had been out of work a year or longer.


In September, the average duration of joblessness was more than nine months, a 60-year high, according to the government's monthly jobs report. And 45 percent of the jobless are considered to be long-term unemployed--that is, they've been out of work six months or more.


Being out of work for a long period has several negative effects, analysts say. As President Obama and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke have noted, workers' skills tend to atrophy as they lose touch with developments in their field. Older workers become increasingly likely to give up searching for work. With rates of long-term unemployment as high as they are now, the jobless threaten to become a semi-permanent class, exACerbating growing inequality.


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John-john 5 hours ago
About the idea of "lazy unemployed people"... I am a mid career professional and a single father in my 40's with a Master's degree who was laid off last year when my company lost its funding. I became unemployed for the first time in my life. I was very ashamed to apply for unemployment. I had to get over it, though, because I am responsible for feeding my daughter and paying the rent. It's embarrassing, though. I've interviewed consistently and had about 8 final interviews in the last 12 months for different positions that all fell apart at the last minute. I had another final interview today (crossing my fingers that I get it). I've thought about returning to school, except that I don't know that this would help me find a job, and it would increase my debt. If you think there is any comfort in making what unemployment pays compared to the salary I used to get, you don't understand how little unemployment pays. The market is tough. The available jobs are very competitively sought after. And employers, recognizing the dilemma, have really lowered salaries. I'm being consistently offered almost 20k less to do more work than I did in my last job. Imagine for a minute going into your job, and having your boss call you into the office and say "we love your work. we want you to supervise 20 more people. And we need to cut your salary by 15k. And we've decided to stop paying for your health insurance". What would you do? That job that I interviewed for today... I was approached about it two weeks ago. It is an enormous amount of responsibility. In the negotiations, the employer said that they are not offering health insurance or benefits with the position. ??? No paid sick time. No vacation. But she knows how tough the market is, and she feels as if she can still be competitive and save the money she would have spent on benefits. And, she's right. In the end, I will snatch this job up if its offered to me, because I owe that to my little girl to not have her grow up in instability. But with my salary I will have to purchase private health insurance for her, and probably not for me. And I will hope that I don't get sick. So, that's what being unemployed feels like. I think that's more the reality of unemployment than what articles seem to show.


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Edward Buchas  •  Miami, United States  •  5 hours ago
Try 8 years people. Being a senior does not get you a job. The employers lie to your face saying you are over qualified, but in truth, you are considered too old.


WORM  •  South Bend, United States  •  5 hours ago
And I bet half of the 31 percent of us Americans that have been jobless for over a year have been out of work for at least two years.


Me 5 hours ago
I know so many people who've been unemployed long-term--1 year, 2 years, even 4 years, right when the crash started simmering. These people aren't lazy sponges, they're hard workers who lost jobs they'd had for 10+ years because of downsizing or budget constraints, any excuse an employer could come up with to let them go. They spent money they couldn't afford to spend training for new skills, updating skills they already had, getting educations in entirely different fields hoping to get back in the job force. These are people competing with thousands of other applicants for ONE job, people who are still told they're under-qualified, or most often--OVER-qualified.


kevin  •  Albuquerque, United States  •  5 hours ago
My dad has been out of work for 289 days so far. He looks every day, has passed out over 500 resumes, is on every site, has applied to all the temp agencies. He has had exactly 4 interviews in this time by employers and no temp agencies have been able to find him even a menial job. He is 63 years old and had over 20 years experience in purchasing. He can't even get a job as a greeter at Wal-Mart. The only thing that has saved his house is that he gets unemployment.


wtfk 5 hours ago
It's a fact. You won't read it from the AP, though.


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Jerry  •  Birmingham, United States  •  4 hours ago
Not all people, but some have chosen unemployment comp instead of a low paying job or whatever they can get. It's easier to get a better job if you already have a job. Conversely, it's much harder to get hired if you don't have a job. Like it or not, it's the truth.


David  •  Everett, United States  •  5 hours ago
This data still only counts people who are collecting UI. Once you drop off the UI rolls(I dropped 28 months ago), you are no longer counted in unemployment data. The actual unemployment number is twice the reported one.


Hielo 4 hours ago
I don't know which is worse, the fact that the economy has fallen so far, or that so many people have been screwed by it. You can't get hired if you're too old, too young, if you're overqualified, or too inexperienced, if you have a master's or a GED. This is a pervasive problem that has affected millions and it looks like I-along with those millions-are permanently screwed. My life's ambition is not to own a mansion, have a new car every two years, wear designer clothes, eat steak and lobster for every meal, or vacation in the tropics. I just want to make enough money to survive, and that is becoming more impossible. God help us, and each other.


HAL-9000 4 hours ago
Took me 2.5 years and I went from $20/hr to $12/hr but at least it's a job.


Marc P  •  San Francisco, United States  •  5 hours ago
I know it is tough. I have never applied for or taking Unemployment. In 2009 I was in the hospital for 23 days and then lost my contract job in San Jose. My hospital bill was originally $43k. I had no job, a mortgage, and whole slew of bills. My solution: go in to business. We all in same way must work our way of out this. For many, they will have to simply come to terms that they need to change their careers and be retrained. The best thing that ever happened to me was a hospital bill and losing a job with a worthless company.


James Bond  •  Denver, United States  •  5 hours ago
I was out of work for 9 months, looked every day, ect ect. Then I got a job, and they laid me off :( I hate this economy.


Kimberly J 6 hours ago
And now that the State of California has outsourced its payment of disability, unemployment, and other payments to Bank of America, B of A has decided to charge those beneficiaries transaction fees, since they have no choice in the matter of what bank those payments go to. So BofA isn't going to charge their regular customers as they planned, they are going to prey on the poorest of the poor. Fricke vampiers on society!


Jim 3 hours ago
It is not just the semi skilled. I know several highly educated serving coffee to pay the rent. Think about that.


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Ben 5 hours ago
Another thing not mentioned in the article is that many job postings now specify, "unemployed need not apply". How's that for a kick in the slats. Used to be you couldn't get a loan unless you could prove you didn't need one. Now the same goes for a job?


Kelly  •  Union, United States  •  5 hours ago
It's very evident that most of these comments are from people who have no idea what it's like to be out of work in this economy. I took a huge pay cut the first time I was out of work. I recently lost my job again, and due to the huge pay cut, unlike like the last time I was out of work I cant even pay my rent. I spend over 10hrs a day looking for work - I take it very seriously. Perhaps the government should focus on stopping all of the fake and misleading job posts that exist online.


oldsarge54  •  Marion, United States  •  3 hours ago
Here's an exercise for you. Mark those in red that say that you must be currently employed to apply. Mark in yellow those that imply that only experienced people need apply. In green, sales jobs. What's left?


Barbara  •  Omaha, United States  •  5 hours ago
I have been out of work for a year. I had an interview today and was asked why there was such a gap in my employment history!

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